About Us

Bajaj Processors specializes in fabric processing and printing.
Operating in the Indian market for over 3 decades, our company holds a large customer base in the domestic market with over 150 clients.
Our manufacturing unit is equipped with world class machineries and is based in Amritsar, India.

We provide our customers with personalized designs as per their requirement.



Why do business with us

Composite Group

We are a composite textile group having in-house warp knitting, processing and printing.

Our production capacity

Knit processing capacity: 40 tons per day Printing capacity: 80,000 meters per day

Export lab

We have a well equipped lab to provide our customers with exactly matched/ required shades.

Specialized in product

Professional quality fabrics, first-class quality produced by professional enterprises.

Superior to heart

Here we hope that new and old customers will develop and cooperate together to create a better future.

First-rate service

Strive to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Expertise in type

Several companies specializing in fabrics have created the strongest service areas.